About us

At SLC Innovations, we strive to help small to medium businesses go beyond a brochure-type website and grow using the web for PRACTICAL day-to-day business functions. Our solutions are by design, meant to work worldwide, with literally any language supported (our database contains 186 languages, we counted!) , any timezone, and any currency. With this vision we developed Online Ordering for restaurants, Online Scheduling for service providers, Online Donations for non-profit organizations, and professional custom websites for businesses and individuals with anything from Flash websites to full ecommerce websites.

SLC Innovations was founded by Shem-Tov Cohen in St. Louis,  Missouri in 2005. His vast web experience dates back to the early days of adoption of the web by the general public, with the following major achievements: The launch of the first website for the United Nations back in 1995 for the UN's 50th anniversary. As a manager of the Network and systems group at the UN headquarters, Shem-Tov managed the development and launch of the UN website when hardly any off-the-shelf development tools were available. He later went on to participate in building a state-of-the-art Internet facility at Viacom (1996) which was used by Viacom’s major sites such as MTV.com and BlockBuster.com. In Amdocs, he had the opportunity to manage large multi-million dollar projects for the telecom industry.